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WOW Blog Tour: No One is Perfect, and YOU are a Great Kid by Kim Hix **Plus Review**

Before anything else, I have to say how sorry I am that I'm making this post sooooo late in the day. My plan was to have it up first thing this morning when I got home from dropping my oldest daughter off at school, but nothing at all went according to plan today. Starting with husband getting in to a car accident on his way to work, the day's schedule kind of went out the window. So, to the author and women at WOW, I apologize for my tardiness.

That being said...

It is my pleasure to be able to host today, a great guest blog by author Kim Hix. Her book, No One is Perfect, and YOU are a Great Kid is a brilliant book about a little boy name Zack, like her own son, who struggles daily with feelings of being different. Being a child can be hard enough without the added degree of suffering through emotional battles. Add in this factor to the mix, and it can be very trying for a child just to cope and fit in.

No One is Perfect, and YOU are a Great Kid by Kim Hix
Illustrated By: Lee Dillingham
Geared Towards: Ages 4 and up
Published By: Book Surge
Publication Date: 2006
ISBN: 1-4196-3148-9
Genre: Children's Nonfiction/Special Needs

Winner of Best Children's Book for ages 6 and under, Reader Views Award for 2007 Annual Literary Awards

Synopsis: No One is Perfect and YOU are a Great Kid is a lovely book written about Zack, a young boy who struggles daily with ever changing moods. He tries to understand why he gets very sad, upset, discouraged and angry in response to what most would consider insignificant events. Zack often feels different, left out, and isolated due to his moods. He poses thought provoking questions to his audience that can spur some meaningful conversation. This book will touch your heart and anyone who has a special child in their life who struggles with any degree of emotional, behavorial, or psychiatric disorder.

Kim's book shows the world a great example of how a child with behavioral or mental disorders feels on a day to day basis. Through her book she hopes to comfort those dealing with these issues so that they don't feel quite so alone. And she would love to aid in opening the eyes of those unfamiliar with such disorders; to help educate them and perhaps give them a better insight in to what children (and adults) with these disorders go through. Maybe if we can help bring more understanding into the picture we can bring with it more tolerance.

I'm blessed to say that I have not had the first hand experience that Kim has had with this topic, but that made me all the more interested in reading her book. I think it's very important to see past everyone's differences and remember that we're all the same at the core. I found No One is Perfect, and YOU are a Great Kid to be a beautifully written book. Kim shows the reader, through a child's eyes, what it's like to be different. Even an average child can relate to a lot of what the child in Kim's book deals with. It may not always be to the same scale, but they'll definitely relate.

I can only imagine how difficult it must be to be the parent of a child with some form of mental disability. I do not mean this in a negative way either, but rather say it in a sense of awe. You surely love that child just as much, if not more, than you'd love any other child. Being the parent to a child with no disabilities can be extremely difficult, but there's so much more time and energy undoubtedly invested in raising a child who does have issues that require extra attention. Through Kim's book and her mission to education those who read it, you can truly see and feel the passion she has for her own child and those with like diagnoses. No One is Perfect, and YOU are a Great Kid is a remarkable children's book worthy of all the praise it can get.

OUR RATING: 5 hearts

And now, a word from Kim Hix herself:

Faith, love, hope, words I heard all of my life but really did not feel the true meaning of such simple words until my son was born nearly 14 years ago. They are my motto every day and words I often express to others. When loving a child with a disability of any kind they are words you cling to and believe in. My son suffers from emotional disabilities, or neuropsychiatric disorders or mental illness, however you choose to label what he lives with on a daily basis. He, and millions of other children are diagnosed with illnesses of the brain that affect how they feel, act, react, behave and think. These are complicated illnesses, the same as the adult versions, however just at a much earlier age. My son, Zack, has always over reacted to the most minor of situations, raging often, crying frequently and riding a daily roller coaster ride of emotions. From very early on I knew something was wrong, which started this journey that is now 11 years long and prompted our book No One is Perfect and You are a Great Kid. As he grew, suffered and tried desperately to understand what was happening to him he struggled with many questions of Why? along with feeling as if he were the only kid in the whole world who was struggling with these very complicated challenges. I have often been the parent who did not discipline my child, who raised a spoiled, manipulative, self centered, unruly boy, which are all very far from accurate. If you are a parent of a "high spirited, intense child" as I am, you have most likely heard some of the same accusations from parents of "perfect " children who do no wrong, who respond to their parents every command on queue, and perfectly behaved and well mannered. My hope and prayer is that the people in general open their minds and come to realize that children like mine, who suffer with these illnesses, are not bad kids, not evil or purposefully oppositional but are lovable, kind, funny, smart and full of promise as is every other child. Yes,they may do things differently, loudly, extremely,and outrageously. They need to be given understanding, reassurance, patience, acceptance and compassion. My wish is that other children who feel different for any reason find hope, promise, acceptance and the gift that is within them and realize they are not alone. Mental illness is not a choice, it is not contagious, it does not make you "less than". I hope our story will open the lines of communication for parents and children, friends and neighbors to discuss and explore behavior they may not understand. My biggest hope is that children who are seeking acceptance,understanding and answers be able to find that from parents, peers, teachers and siblings and to know they are not alone in their challenges. -Kim

About the Author:
Kim Hix is a native of Columbia SC. She graduated Lander University with a BS in Psychology 1988. She worked at various capacities at Marshall Pickens Hospital in Greenville SC from 1990 until 2004. She is now employed part time by Greenville Hospital System as a Patient Family Liaison (Advocate) and also as a part time personal trainer for Sportsclub Simpsonville. She has been Married 15 years to Doug Hix and have two children Zack 12(dx OCD, Tourettes Disorder Spectrum, and PANDAS) and Kelsie, 8, a real girly girl! She currently reside in Simpsonville SC with her family and 3 dogs.

"My name is Kim Hix and I am the mother of a very special young boy who struggles with emotional difficulties. He has experienced an array of moods from an early age, which include rages, depression, anxiety, and drastic mood shifts. In our journey to find help, we've encountered many specialists and interesting people. During this time, my son dealt with feeling different from his peers, isolated, and at times, rejected. My son would express to me that he felt no one understood him and that he was the only kid in the world with these problems. What started out as a project to help my son, cultivated a desire to let other kids and parents know that they are NOT alone. In fact, millions of children are suffering with mental illness, neuropsychiatric disorders, and behavior disorders. They long to be accepted, to be normal, and just fit in. They suffer, and we, the parents, suffer all the while our hearts are breaking."This is why I wrote a book for Zack and kids like him, who struggle with feelings of being different. It is my hope that this story will offer some measure of comfort and belonging to the children who read it."

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Best Children's Book Award: Reader Views

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I have to confess, I am one of those mom's who said(in my head) "What a bad child! Why don't they just make him behave!" I suppose we're all too quick to judge and too slow to put ourselves in the other person's shoes. I hope your book opens people's eyes.