Friday, February 20, 2009

The Moose with Loose Poops by Charlotte Cowan, M.D.

The Moose with Loose Poops by Charlotte Cowan, M.D.
Illustrated By: Penelope Neal
Geared Towards: Ages 2-7
Published By: The Hippocratic Press
Publication Date: January 2009
ISBN: 978-0-9753516-5-9

Show me one person who says they don't find their curiosity piqued by the title of this book, and I'll show you a liar! Seriously, a few weeks back I had told myself I was going to stop accepting submissions for review for a few days because I had a lot going on. I wanted to catch up on the books I had in que, meanwhile I wanted to be sure I didn't over commit. Well, naturally, as soon as made this promise to myself this review request came through. The title was hilarious. So, I had myself a good belly shaking laugh, and then I broke my rule for the day by accepting the request. What a great decision that was! :P

Any parent/teacher/guardian knows that being sick can be very traumatic and scary for a young child. How to explain that everything they are experiencing is completely normal and healthy, in terms the child will understand , can often times be difficult because you don't want to upset the child anymore. The publishers at Hippocratic Press have picked up on this, and so was born the Dr. Hippo Series. The Moose with Loose Poops is the first book that I've had the chance to read for myself though I'd love to check out the other four (Peeper Has a Fever, Katie Caught a Cold, The Little Elephant with the Big Earache, and Sadie's Sore Throat- all by Cowan) that were featured on the book jacket.

Authored by board-certified pediatrician, Charlotte Cowan, M.D., the story of The Moose with Loose Poops guides readers through the ups and downs of gastroenteritis (inflammation of the stomach and intestines) which causes upset tummies, vomitting, and diarrhea. Both children and parents alike can use reassurance when it comes to these things, and Cowan's story does a brilliant job of offering such in a priceless way.

Miles the Moose wants to go camping with his dad. But when Miles doesn't eat much and complains of a tummy ache Mom knows something's up. Her suspicions are confirmed when a frightened Miles throws up. Mom reassures Miles that what he's experiencing is perfectly normal. But as any good mom would do, she says camping is off for the time being. Mom says a body needs plenty of rest while it gets better, so it's home to bed for Miles. Dr Hippocrates backs mom's call to cancel the camping trip, and also recommends Miles drink lots of fluids.

Later when Miles wakes up he's feeling good as new. Mom knows though that the feeling is momentary at best. His troubled tummy has yet to dispell whatever germs have caused the upset in the first place, but it's not long before that all changes. Miles complains to his dad about another tummy ache, a different feeling one this time, and dad knows what to expect. He hurries them to the bathroom in time for Miles to make it to the potty. Feeling almost immediately better, Miles, as any capricious child would do, quickly rushes off to tell the world about his experience in the bathroom.

Cowan perfectly captures the innocence and pure wonder of a young child in Miles. The story is straightforward but not without a healthy dose of humor. Who isn't going to laugh a sympathetic and understanding laugh at, "A waterfall's coming out of my bottom!"? Only someone in tune with a child can write something so comical and yet hit the nail exactly on the head as far as a child's reactions and reasoning are concerned.

The Moose with Loose Poops is a book that not only teaches and comforts. It's a book that inspires a great deal of laughing. Children and adults alike will enjoy following Miles' adventure from feeling yucky to feeling great again.

Additionally, parents will be happy to know that there's even a little laminated guide included in the back of the book just for them. The guide, Getting Through Gastroenteritis, helps educate parents on how to determine if their child is suffering from gastroenteritis and if so how to treat it. There's also a handy chart detailing when, regarding what symptoms the child has, a parent should contact the doctor. All in all, a very thorough little guide that I think makes this book the complete package.

OUR RATING: 5 hearts


Janet said...

These sound like great books that would be very useful to parents and grandparents. Right now, our grandson has a sore throat so I'd love to check out the sore throat title. I'm going to look for all of these. Thanks for the review.

Anonymous said...

I have to admit that the book's title speaks to the giddy immature girl child I really am. It's great to approach subjects like this with a sense of humor. Great review.

Brimful Curiosities said...

Love your concise review of a fun, educational book on an unusual topic!

Chrissy said...

Finally! The Moose with Loose Poops is a book that tells it how it really is. And where I don't have to try and explain it! Fantasy is all well and good, but kids get sick for real and this story tackles real issues without embarrassment or shame. My kids felt as if it was written just for them!
Since they enjoyed it so much, i actually found the author, Charlotte Cowan's website which she has more books like this.