Monday, February 2, 2009

Baron Thinks DOGS Are People Too! by Laurie Dean

Baron Thinks DOGS Are People Too! by Laurie Dean
Illustrated By: Kevin Collier
Geared Towards: Ages 4-8
Published By: Big Tent Books
Publication Date: 2008
ISBN: 978-1-60131-035-4

Baron is like any puppy, full of endless bounding energy. He loves to jump, run, and play. He loves attention. But when Baron nearly runs out in front of an on coming car, his owners decide it's time for a trip to obedience school. Baron finds this new development hard to swallow, yet he does his best to learn the things his teacher shows him. It takes him a little while, but after a while Baron begins to display his newly learned tricks and behavior. Instead of rushing about in a choatic dash all the time, Baron slows down. He sits quietly when asked, follows when called, and is now more than ever a good and obedient pup.

It should make Baron happy to know that he has made his family happy, yet he still feels sad inside. What Baron wants, has always wanted, is just the attention of a best friend. One day while playing in the snow, his owner Billy finds himself abandoned as all his own friends go indoors to play. Baron then steps up to the plate to cheer Billy up, and in doing so realizes his best friend has been right before his eyes all along.

Baron Thinks DOGS Are People Too! was a cute enough book. To be honest, it wasn't my favorite kid's book of all time. It did teach a couple of good lessons though within the pages of it's story. I believe children that read this book will enjoy Baron's antics, and through them will learn the fine art of obedience, patience, and of opening their eyes to world right in front of them. As happened with Baron, we all too often don't realize that the things we want most in the world are the things we already have. Hopefully young readers will pick up on this message as they enjoy Baron's story.

Illustrations by Kevin Collier, illustrator of Topsy Turvy Land, which World Magazine (Dec. 6, 2006 issue) voted one of the top 50 children’s picture books of all time, has done an interesting job with the pictures in this book. I can't say I love the illustrations because there's just something about them that makes me think "dated". At the same time though there's something strangely appealing about the cartoon-style drawings.

Readers who are interested in checking out Baron's story for themselves are encouraged to order their book through the publisher's site, Big Tent. Dean will donate $1, for every book purchased there, to help the medical charity Operation Smile repair cleft palates and cleft lips among needy children throughout the world.

OUR RATING: 4 hearts

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