Saturday, November 22, 2008

The Commenters Tag Fest (a little fun)

I've been tagged for a meme, but I'm not actually sure I even have enough qualifications to continue the tagging process. LOL Like Sara, it was really hard to find enough commenters to actually do this, but here it goes...

The rules are:

1. List the last 10 commenters on your blog.
2. If you’re on the list, you’re tagged.

My List of 10:

1. Michelle
2. morninglight mama
3. sarahwithnoh
4. Anna
5. Terry
6. Ruby (Mouth)
7. Cecelia
8. ChefDruck
9. Claire
10. Mary512

And here are the questions:

1. What's your favorite post from number 3's blog?
I enjoy all of Sara's posts, but from her most recent ones I'd pick the one she made about her anniversary gift she gave her husband. The gift was very unique and creative, and it was cool to see what the finished product looked like.

2. Has number 10 taken any pictures that moved you?
I don't think Mary has posted any pictures lately that haven't gone along with a product review or post, so I'll go with 'no' on this question. (Aren't I boring? lol)

3. Does number 6 reply to comments on her blog?
She would if she had any. (Love ya, Sis.)

4. Which part of blogland is #2 from?
morninglight mama has a great blog centering around her life as a mom and wife. Her posts generally have to do with whatever happens to be on her mind, and are often times very insightful, thought provoking, and funny.

5. If you could give one piece of advice to number 7, what would it be?
Keep up the good work. You've a wonderful blog!

6. Have you ever tried something from number 9's blog?
I've tried the Avon Foot Works stuff she has posted in one of her most recent giveaway posts.

7. Has number 1 blogged something that inspired you?
I thought that Michelle's post about staying busy with work and missing your kids touched home with me. I love my p/t job and I love the benefits it provides for my family, but I miss the time I'm no longer getting with my girls during those hours. Michelle's post inspired me to simply enjoy all the time that I can with my girls when I'm not at work, and to keep in mind that they grow up so quickly.

8. How often do you comment on number 4's blog?
I don't comment enough, but I have sooooo many blogs that I try to keep up. I really need to do better. I love reading her interviews and reviews at Diary of Eccentric.

9. Do you wait for number 8 to post excitedly?
Yes, actually. ChefDruck always has great reviews and giveaways on her site, so I always look forward to getting my e-updates from her.

10. How did number 5's blog change your life?
I've only really just recently discovered this blog, so I don't have much to say about it yet. And while I'm not sure it's necessarily changed my life I would say that it's bound to provide lots of wonderful reviews and book recommendations. I'm all about kids lit, and this blogsite is very much in the same boat.

Okay, that's it. That's my boring responses. LOL


Anonymous said...

Not boring at all - it really is a great way to get introduced to other blogs! As for the anniversary gift, the website is a little "manly" but if you like unique - they definitely are. Thanks for taking up the challenge :)

Anna said...

Hey, don't worry about not commenting! I love when you do, of course, but it's hard to comment all the time when you have a lot on your plate. I completely understand. Just happy to know you enjoy my blog! Thanks!

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