Friday, November 14, 2008

Always and Everywhere... a book with a cause

Most of the time when we as readers determine to buy a book it's based on some trivial reason such as price, appeal, etc. We buy the book, the author makes some money of it, and so do several people in between. Now there's nothing at all wrong with this process of elimination, and there is certainly nothing wrong with the chain of command as that's the nature of the business. But, what if there was a book that looked interesting and inspiring, was very reasonably priced, and was written and being sold for a totally selfless cause? Would this cause you to pause and take note? If it would, then get ready to put everything on hold for just a few moments, because I have a book I'd like to suggest to you.

Always and Everywhere by Laura Bowman

I have personally never seen or read this book except for what I'm about to share with you here online. Infact, I only just discovered it myself tonight while browsing some of my favorite blogs. Just reading the author's introduction on the site though has me thinking this is a book worth promoting. I'd absolutely love to read it too, but will have to wait til I have some extra money to pick up a copy. If anyone should read it, based on this post referral, before I get a chance to, I'd love to hear your thoughts.


Author and illustrator, Laura Bowman, created Always and Everywhere to help a dear friend in need. Margie LaSalle was recently diagnosed with terminal cancer. The book is intended to raise funds for Margie and her family. The LaSalle family, including husband Chris and children, John Mark and Claire, currently live in a two bedroom condominium. The stairs throughout their current home are difficult for Margie to negotiate due to the pain associated with the cancer in her bones. The LaSalle’s are in need of funds to help cover medical expenses and to assist in moving expenses. Proceeds from Always and Everywhere will assist in these initiatives.

Always and Everywhere features John Mark and Claire, Margie’s two children. The book revolves around a series of questions from the children, and reassuring responses from their mom. The final question, regarding the existence of angels, provides reinforcement that we are never alone. For the children who are facing, or have faced, the loss of a Mother; Always and Everywhere is a reminder that Mom is always with you in the lessons that she taught and her spirit is eternal.

So, if the sound of this book or the drive behind it inspires you, there's no better time to order the special child(ren) in your life a copy than right now. Doing so will not only help promote the love of reading I hope all of you are trying to instill in your child(ren), but you'll also be helping out a very worthy cause in the process.

If you've read this far, THANK YOU!

One last side note, if anyone reading this lives in the Atlanta, GA area or knows of anyone who does, there's a Book Launch party coming up soon.

Thursday, November 20th from 5 - 9 PM @ the Mason Murer Projects in Buckhead
There will be: Live music, book signings, and silent auction of the original artwork from the book (Which is stunning, by the way.) Please go to the artwork section for information about bidding and to view the paintings.
All proceeds go to the Margie LaSalle Cancer Fund

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