Wednesday, January 14, 2009

BROWSE INSIDE: Splat the Cat & Love, Splat by Rob Scotton

My girls and are a big fans of Rob Scotton's Russell the Sheep series, so I'm not sure how I missed that he had a Splat the Cat series out there. I only just a few minutes ago discovered it online, but I'm in love! I can guarantee there will be a review of both of these coming at some point in the near future. Cause I'll either be buying these ones or checking them out from the library. They both look way too cute to pass up!

Want to see what I mean? Just click the link below to use the awesome Browse Inside feature hosted by Harper Collins. You can't read the whole books; however, these previews give you a great sampling. I'm thoroughly head over heals for the illustrations, and the storyline, in Splat the Cat, sounds like something I could have written about my own daughter. Though, I'd like to point out, that she is not a cat. ;P

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