Friday, December 5, 2008

Did I Mention?!

Okay, just had to take a quick mommy brag break for a moment.

Did I mention that Jo, who turned 5 the end of August, has begun reading chapter books on her own? Well, she is!!! You might recall my mentioning that I picked her up a copy of the book Butterfly Meadow Dazzle's First Day (It's a little 70 page chapter book with the occassional picture in it.) when I was working at her school book fair a little over a week back. She was so excited to see that I'd taken her kindergarten teacher's suggestion to heart (She's way ahead in the top of her kindergarten class for reading, and her teacher suggested starting her on chapter books.) that she settled in with it the very first day. She started reading up a storm, and it wasn't long (a cumulative few hours, maybe) before she'd read the whole thing. I can't guarantee she read every single thing since she wasn't actually reading it to me. But, she was reading (outloud, but very quietly), the majority of the time, within ear shot of me, and from what I could tell she was reading it just like she was supposed to. Woot! I'm just so proud!!! =D

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Anna said...

What an accomplishment!! That's great!

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