Thursday, January 22, 2009

Kids' Tea Party Coming Up At Borders

Received the e-mail about this this morning, and figured I'd share here in case anyone else was interested. Borders book store will be hosting a Kids' Tea Party at participating locations this Saturday, January 24 from 2p-4p. They'll be having stories, games, singalongs, and then a tea party to wrap things up. Even mom and dad can get in on the festivities because Border's Seattle's Best Coffee cafes will be hosting tea samplings at the same time.

I have to double check my work schedule, but I'm hoping I'm not due in until later in the afternoon so that I can take my girls to this. I always miss the great parties they have for kids, and I'm thinking this one in particular would be really fun. If you're interested in attending, check with your local Borders now to see if they'll be participating!

Store Locator:

Plus, check out the great Seattle's Best coupon midway down the Store Locator page. *two thumbs up*

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RebekahC said...

Well, that sucks! I double checked my schedule, and I'm working all afternoon this day. *pout* Hopefully I can convince my husband to take the girls (They have him wrapped around their pinkie fingers, so it shouldn't be an issue. lol) since I won't be able.